Monday, January 5, 2009

Wait For It....

Yes, I am actually blogging. Maybe not consistently, I haven't decided yet. But I am doing a post! Updates:
My little Brookie- she is getting so big! She walks and tries to run, then usually trips- it is so cute. She loves to shake hands and give high fives. She talks non-stop, but only a few words make sense. She does say "Here you go" and "Thank You", but not very consistently. Her hair is getting longer- I've had to cut her bangs twice and they need another trim! She gives the best "big hugs" and she's learning the kisses. But her best feature yet is her dance skills- can I say, holy cow. I've never seen a little kid have these kinds of moves... I hope to post a video soon! I can't seem to catch her on tape! We sure love her!
Me- I am working for my dad again/still. I really do enjoy it. I was working very minimal hours, but I just had a "raise" in hours so I now work four days a week. It makes it tough to get housework done along with all the projects I like to do (latest one sewing a purse- so easy, so fun, so cute!!!!), but it works out somehow. My neighbor owns a children's second hand shop and she's letting me sell bracelets and headbands in her shop, so that's really fun for me! Marce's Children's Boutique on Vista by the Dollar Tree- check it out! She is really nice! Oh, I got called as Primary 1st counselor and oh my goodness do I love it or what! No offense to any of you teachers, but it is SO much better than being a teacher! I just like the interaction with other adults! I'm not sure what I'm doing yet and come March (my month for Sharing Time) I'll probably be singing a different tune, but so far, so good!
Ben- Back to school, back to school. But he's loving it. Hopefully we only have one year left after this one, then we're off to graduate school. He works part time delivering for a local pizza place, which is starting to make us fat! But we love it! Tip your pizza delivery guy! They need $$ too!
That's our life up to date! If I could ever get my pictures from the last 4 months dumped on my computer, I would post them- guess you'll just have to wait until the next time I post! Don't hold your breath.... :)