Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ellie's Blessing Day

We blessed Ellie Rose at home so that we could have most of our family there. The circle was HUGE-13 priesthood brethren total. It was so wonderful to have everyone there- Ellie was so happy, she was full on grinning the whole blessing- Papa Perry peeked :). Thanks to all who sacrificed to be there! We truly appreciate all the support you all give our little family! "Squinks" in her blessing ensemble
She's such a happy girl!
Grandma with Ellie
The Four Generations- Gramma Perry, Grammy, Mommy, & Ellie
Here's a little snapshot of the family photo shoot- we kept telling Brook to smile for "just a few more pictures, then you can watch Grinch!" and so she kept saying, Cheese... cheese....cheese, then finally after we kept telling her to smile, she just yells at the top of her lungs: CHEESE! CHEESE! CHEESE! Of course all of us couldn't keep from laughing hysterically- it was pretty great. She was so confused that we hadn't heard her saying cheese the whole time! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Giving Thanks

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent the day with the Smith side of the family. Fun was had by all! I'm so thankful for family!
Gramma & Papa Perry dishing up Here's Matt in his "Buffet"/Ping Pong Champion outfit
Ben adding a leaf to the Thankful Tree
The Kiddie Table- Hey Beck and Stace, you finally graduated!
What a feast!
Jen was the Master Planner of the whole event- she did a WONDERFUL job! Thanks Jen for all your hard work- it sure paid off! Love you!