Monday, October 11, 2010

Destined for Best Friend-hood

I also got to visit my best friend from my growing up years, Sarah Hurd. Brook and her daughter, Mia, hit it off and had a great time. It was so fun to catch up! Love you Sare!
Mia: 6 Brook: 3 Disclaimer: these were taken at 11:30 pm, so we were all exhausted!


I was able to take an impromptu trip to visit Redmond, OR, my home town, this weekend. It was a wonderful trip! I hadn't been back in 5 years and it felt so good to get back to my roots.
The completed tarp pavillion- So it was pouring rain when we got to the land Saturday morning and the pavillion hasn't been roofed yet. So Aunt Deen, Uncle Dave, DeNae, Jana, and I- being the ingenious constructors that we are- fashioned one out of tarp, bungies, rope, some rusty nails, and a whole lotta know-how. I know you're thinking it- We are awesome.
Brook gathering wood for our fire-
Yes, dear family, you do recognize that fire ring! And that is tin roofing beneath it, followed by a piece of plywood and then styrofoam. We managed to burn a hole clear through both, but Papa's cement remains unscathed. Booyah!! :)
Oh, beautiful Redmond- how I've missed you.
The Santuary
Papa, Uncle Dave, & Dad sharing some laughs
Brook was enjoying Aunt Dena to know end!
Hooray!! Wait, what are we celebrating?
Wheelbarrow rides!! Oh how I MISS those!!
Mom & Aunt Dena preparing for the dedication
Gramma & Papa in front of "Moroni"
That firepit was a LOT better! This is just before dinner:
Uncle Dave, Papa, Jana, Ellie, Dad, Pat Schindler, DeNae
Two of my favorite women, Mom & Gramma
I want to be just like you when I grow up!
Thanks gals for letting me tag along! Thanks Papa & Gramma for putting up with me and my girls! We loved every minute!!!