Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday Night, Nachos, Castle, & Sisters

What do these things have in common? Only the most awesomest thing in the world!

Stacy and I started a tradition back in season 2 of Castle. She would come over to my house and we would make the most AMAZING nachos (documented above) and then eat them while watching the best show ever:
How much do I love these two?!?!?!?
Last year, for the season 3 premiere, both my Castle buddies (Stace & Becks) were at BYU-I and I just couldn't stand not watching it with them, so I made an impromptu trip to watch it with them! It was so awesome!

 This year I live in Denver and they live in Rexburg.... not really close enough for an impromptu trip for the premiere. Which was a week and a half ago. Why post this tonight? I had nachos for the first time here and all I could think about was watching Castle and how my Castle buddies are not here :( 


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Move Forward- Regis DPT 5k for the Argyle Elderly

Ben's department at school puts on a 5k/10k race every year for a home for low income elderly people as a community service. We decided it would be a fun event for the whole family to participate in, so we all got signed up for the 5k.

Map of the race:
(5k was one lap, 10k was two)
(photos/video from Ben's phone- we forgot the camera!)
Brook's Grand Finish:
Brook was so excited because everyone started clapping and cheering for her as she ran across the finish line. "It's because of my fast power Mom."
Ellie & Mom's Grand Finish:
Poor Ben had to hang back with us slow folks during the race or he would have finished it a lot sooner. Next year our goal is to run the 10k and win a prize!
Afterwards, the school had a ton of booths where we got some sweet S.W.A.G. 
 The girls got their faces painted and got to jump in the bouncy house. 
 Brook had a butterfly- Ellie got a flower 
 We also enjoyed a nice BBQ and got t-shirts and water bottles! It was so much fun! 
The girls had a little too much fun I think:

Thunder Storms In Denver

are cool.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Princess

The Birthday Party Part Two

When is that Prince coming?!?

 Sister Princesses

 So you're saying he's NOT coming?
 Even though I got all dressed up?
 Who needs a prince when you've got friends!

 Beautiful Girls
 The Whole Party
 The Super Hero
 Playing Games
 Kai's Dance
 Brook's Dance
 Brystal's Dance
 Darn Crowns
 Patiently Waits
 Make a Wish
Brook had a wonderful party! Thanks to my dear friend Jo for the photos and all her help!

The Birthday Party Part One

Making Curls

The Frosting
"I don't like this- is this made with Sugar? I don't like sugar."
 Ellie does.
 The Castle
 The Pink Balloon
 Patience is a Virtue
 The Worry
 The Giggle
 Her Prince Charming AKA Iron Man
The Spread
 The Cupcakes
 Her Princess
 Princess #2 
 Best Buds
 Complete Adoration
 The Beauty
 Making Crowns
 Super Heros have to protect their identity