Friday, September 16, 2011

Smith Family Reunion 2011- OR Coast... Ed#3

We went on a hike at Ecola State Park. We thought it would be a nice little loop. Took us like 5 hours. But it was still really fun. I was proud of how everybody held up! The trail was fun and beautiful!

Laila, Jetta, and Brook
 Rach, Paisli, Stace (& Evalee), Jen, and Becks
 Ellie and Broxon- he looks THRILLED to be strapped in next to her :)
Ah... how Jen and I both love mossy logs :) 
 Oh Stan.... I'm LOVING the headgear here!
 This was a pretty cool tree we saw
 Grammy, Papa, and all the grandkids (minus William- we missed you guys!)
 Apparently I'm the only one enjoying this hike!
 Ellie doing two of her favorite things: Eating and climbing up on stuff
 Berkli being brave!
 Jetta being brave!
 Becky, Mom, & Dad- it was SUCH a beautiful view at the top!
 Mom and "The Babies".... not babies anymore!
 The totally creepy dungeon type place we randomly found... is anyone else completely disturbed by this?!?!
 There were like two mine shaft things with cage-looking gates covering them. We were tempted to let Beck explore them, but thought better of it. 
 Check out the muscle tree behind the kids. I think the kids have him beat!
 Becky and Brook hikin down the trail
 This is the view from the parking lot- it was such a pretty beach! Great for surfing too it seemed.

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