Friday, September 16, 2011

Smith Family Reunion 2011- OR Coast... Ed#2

We had a sand castle building contest one of the days. It was really windy and it took awhile for all of us to get out there, so it didn't go exactly as planned, but we all had a lot of fun and built some pretty fun things.

This castle was the combined effort of several parties
 Becky and John's Alligator
 Whit and Stan's Turtle and.... three hills... what were you making again Stan? :)
 Oh little Luke- such a cutie!
 Michael and Stacy just messin around
 Camry and Jen's Castle
 Sweet little thing
 Poor girl was freezin to death!
 LOVE this photo of Broxon. And yes, he was eating the sand too.
 Papa distributing the "Chocolate Prizes" to the winners (all of us of course!)
 The combined efforts photo. The football didn't help.

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