Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Scared

I put my camera memory stick into the compy this morning. Oddly, it was already out of the camera in the adapter. The import button came up. "File is Empty"....


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma Harward!

We spent the weekend with Ben's family celebrating his mom's mom's birthday! She is such a wonderful lady- we love her!
Dad, Mendy (cousin), and Sam
Aunts Kay & LuJean, Uncle Blaine, Diane (cousin), Grandma, Alice & Daughter (Grandma's brother's daughter & granddaughter)
Jason (cousin), Yours Truly, Ellie Shquinkle, and Shelby (1st cousin once removed)
Grandma and her cousin- aren't they so sweet!?! Grandma is about 5'2" just for reference
Ben (1st cousin once removed) and Ben

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Finally Fall!

But not everybody's happy about it....

Ellie's Birthday Party

The first ever pigtails!!!
Our little butterfly
Pretty cute!
A hug from Aunt Emma
She's lovin it!
Ellie & Grandma
Ellie & Grammy
I love the icing drool....
How'd I do Mom?
I can't believe my baby is one

The Cake

So I have a tradition that for my babies first birthdays, I make them an extravagant cake to demolish. Brook's was so... amazing. A mini three-tiered cake. I just about cry when I think that the pictures and video we got of it were lost forever on a crashing hard drive. There may be some hope, but it is slim. Anywho- Ellie's turned out pretty good as well. Not as fun, but still fun.
And most definitely fun to make!

For the butterflies, I followed this tutorial

Discovery Center of Idaho

Ellie with her Aunt Jen-she ADORES Aunt Jen- Mom is pretty much dog food in comparison. Brook feels the same.
Give us the location of Dad's student ID you took from his wallet!!
This torture doesn't seem to be effective...
Dang right we built it!
Look Mom! He can spell my name!
Peering through filters at a squirrel picture which became a bird/mountain/forest glen picture through different filters
Shopping at cousin Jetta's store-
Sheesh, these prices are steep! How about a friends and family discount??
Thanks Cousins! We had so much fun!
Shameless plug: If you live in the Boise area, I've been informed by a very reliable source that their annual membership fee, which is $50, will be $15 off starting December 1st. That's $35 for an ANNUAL membership- which means free admission ANY TIME for your entire immediate family for a year, including a fun activity time for 3-5 year olds (or round about there) and 15% off in their fun store, plus other benefits I'm sure. Check it out (after December 1st of course)!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Ellie!

Brook's Last Tap Class

Brook has been in a community tap class for the last 2 months. We have all really enjoyed it! Monday was her last day, so the parents got to come in and watch them dance!

You did so great Brook! We are proud of you!

Happy Halloween

Just to clarify any confusion on our costumes before "unveiling," I thought I'd post Brook's inspiration. She decided on our costumes for this year based on one of her favorite book characters- Clifford the Big Red Dog. To quote, "Mom, I want to be Emly Lizbef!!!"
Mom: Mrs. Howard; Brook: Emily Elizabeth; Ellie: T-Bone; Dad: Clifford
Aunt Jen had a Halloween Party for the family- it was a blast! Here's Brook participating in the Treasure Hunt!
The Cemetary
The Bat Cave
Brook made her very own ghost lollipop
Aunt Whitney made some delicious traveling taco
I guess it's true what they say... Dogs love their ears flapping in the wind!