Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Perfect for Swimming

Walrus Sighting at Local PF Chang's

Did you know chopsticks could be so much fun?

There were a LOT of laughs Saturday night at PF Chang's
Okay, so funny story of the night is this: Heather has some allergies, some of them being all things dairy and also sesame. So we order the crispy honey chicken and some beef and broccoli. Well, the waitress comes back and tells Heath that the honey chicken has sesame oil in it already, so would she like to get the Chang's chicken? Well, Heath says sure, that'll be fine, so then the waitress goes to put that order in while me and Ben are like, Heather, you totally just got sold! Now we got three dishes instead of two! So she's like, crap! But we're all, it's cool, we're pretty hungry, so we figure we'll eat all three pretty easily. The waitress comes by a few times and makes numerous comments as to how they're sterilizing everything and making the dish up special just for her to accommodate her allergy. A few minutes later, the waitress brings us our dishes and we start serving ourselves. Well, we don't let Heath have any of the crispy honey chicken because of the sesame and so she gets a little more beef and broccoli than the rest of us. By and by, we've polished off all the food and the waitress comes to clear our plates and asks if we're ready for the bill.... well I say "don't we have another chicken dish coming?" and the waitress goes "No.... I already brought it out. I switched the crispy honey chicken for the Chang's chicken...." and the whole table just starts laughing and amidst the gasps for air, I tell her that we didn't even let Heather have any of it! And the funniest part is that the waitress got totally hacked off because she'd made such a big deal out of making the chicken special for Heather and then she totally didn't even get to eat any of it!!! I almost died laughing. Seriously, the next day in the car, I was still laughing hard enough for there to be tears! Probably one of the funniest times EVER!
Brook slept right through all of it
We all got pretty good fortunes-
we'll let you know when they come true :)

Alone Once More

For only two days! Then the other side of the family gets here! Woohooo! I'm so excited. This is a crazy busy time, but it's so much fun. Anyways, I thought I would give some highlights of the Smith Sisters weekend together! Except for Brook being mostly sick the whole time, we still had a blast!

Aunts Heather, Becky, and Stacy perform "Thriller"
on the drive home from the airport

Stacy and me pose outside of Walmart the night they got in!
We were so excited!

Brook loves Aunt Heather!

Look at all our cute toes! Betcha can't guess which ones are Brook's!

Heather, Ben, and Becky enjoying "As You Like It," a Shakespeare play put on at our local park- it's right across the street from our house! Score! Okay, so Becky was mostly reading...

Brook loved the wrestling scene!

I guess Brook doesn't really like riding horses either......
Like Mother Like Daughter!

Heather teaching Becky the latest rage in line dancing... Beck was a natural! Then we all jumped in for the Hamster Dance!

Stacy in her super cool new "Still Looking for My Prince" hat

We got brave... and cut some bangs!!! I did Stacy's, Becky did mine with some help from Jo... they're a little short, but I like them! And Stacy looks Smokin!

Poor Brooky woke up Sunday with a bad rash. We're pretty sure it was due to some allergy to Chinese food!

On Sunday, we drove around downtown Denver to show the girls the sights!

There was a giant bear attacking the convention center!

And we're pretty sure that roof is made of pure gold

Our last stop Sunday night was to Jolene's house to enjoy some delicious homemade cheesecake.....

and also for Heather to throw some chocolate pie on her rug!

We come to an end of our journey.... Monday morning the kids loaded up into the Tahoe and we drove them forlornly to the airport.... rocking out to

"We Will Fight, We Will Be Strong" the whole way

Farewell my sisters! I had SO much fun!!!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poor Sicky Baby

Our sweet little girl has had a terrible fever for a few days. She's finally pulling out of it, but we had to go to the doctor to make sure she'd be okay. She was pretty pitiful looking, but she sure was a trooper all week. However, we are ALL really glad she's feeling better!

Here Daddy is nursing her back to health with Powerade!

Poor little babe!

The Shopping Trip

So we set out at 11 am to hit the shops. We thought for sure we'd be gone a MAX of 2 hours.... by 4pm, we left Goodwill.....
Brook is a little apprehensive of this trip...

Here Aunt Stacy sports a lovely MooMoo :) ..... the best part is a little girl came up to her, tugged on her sleeve and said
"You look SO Beautiful!"
Brook really liked shopping at Walmart!
We all three got sweet bags!
Me and Stace only paid 50 cents for ours!

Stacy also found these amazing mermaid pants for 99 cents!

Here the three girls are showing off our victorious shopping spoils
Once we actually sat down, we realized how exhausted we were!
But we ALWAYS have enough energy left for a fashion show! Becky got the most merchandise and I think hers lasted for 30 minutes!!!
We love to shop!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Sisters!

Three of my fabulous sisters are on their way to Denver as we speak! They're probably somewhere around Tremonton, UT on their way to the airport in SLC (one of my favorite airports!). I cannot wait for them to get here! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I've got all kinds of fun surprises planned for the weekend! We'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I got a hold of our camera in a crazy mood and played "Paparazzi" with Brook. She responded as a typical celebrity: first with pretended surprise, then she was all smiles, then she got a little pouty, and then she got physical!