Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Walrus Sighting at Local PF Chang's

Did you know chopsticks could be so much fun?

There were a LOT of laughs Saturday night at PF Chang's
Okay, so funny story of the night is this: Heather has some allergies, some of them being all things dairy and also sesame. So we order the crispy honey chicken and some beef and broccoli. Well, the waitress comes back and tells Heath that the honey chicken has sesame oil in it already, so would she like to get the Chang's chicken? Well, Heath says sure, that'll be fine, so then the waitress goes to put that order in while me and Ben are like, Heather, you totally just got sold! Now we got three dishes instead of two! So she's like, crap! But we're all, it's cool, we're pretty hungry, so we figure we'll eat all three pretty easily. The waitress comes by a few times and makes numerous comments as to how they're sterilizing everything and making the dish up special just for her to accommodate her allergy. A few minutes later, the waitress brings us our dishes and we start serving ourselves. Well, we don't let Heath have any of the crispy honey chicken because of the sesame and so she gets a little more beef and broccoli than the rest of us. By and by, we've polished off all the food and the waitress comes to clear our plates and asks if we're ready for the bill.... well I say "don't we have another chicken dish coming?" and the waitress goes "No.... I already brought it out. I switched the crispy honey chicken for the Chang's chicken...." and the whole table just starts laughing and amidst the gasps for air, I tell her that we didn't even let Heather have any of it! And the funniest part is that the waitress got totally hacked off because she'd made such a big deal out of making the chicken special for Heather and then she totally didn't even get to eat any of it!!! I almost died laughing. Seriously, the next day in the car, I was still laughing hard enough for there to be tears! Probably one of the funniest times EVER!
Brook slept right through all of it
We all got pretty good fortunes-
we'll let you know when they come true :)

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Mad Libs Millie said...

Yum, I haven't been to a Chang's yet but I'm dying to go. Did Stace use her chopsticks after they'd been in her ears? :)

Love the picture of Brook's little feet.