Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Trip!

We had a marvelous two weeks visiting the familiy in June and for the fourth of July. I think pictures speak louder than words, so here is a sampling (in chronological order of course!) of our "capades" with the families!!

Brook's first Plane ride- She was a champ! No crying! I cried more than she did! Darn my ears!

Here we are at Aunt Heather's Homecoming. Way to RWH from Florida Heath! You did it!

We went Disc Golfing- I got par on one hole, Ben got par on all of them!
We went with Ben's family to Warm Lake for an overnight camping trip to enjoy nature and get outta town. It was BEAUTIFUL weather and so much fun to spend time together!

Brook's first canoe ride, she's a natural fish! She pretty much loves doing anything with Aunt Emma!
Here is Uncle Harry admiring Uncle Sam's super awesome mullet.
Grandma and Brook relaxing at Warm Lake

Our Dad riding the rope swing to glory!

Uncle Harry's mad Football/Rope swing skills!

Brook's new trick: Balancing Cheerios on her nose! Next is to jump through a flaming hoop! This was on our drive to Utah for Ben's Dad's side family reunion at Lagoon!

At Lagoon, Brook made a new friend! This is Spencer, Ben's cousin Andrea's son. He is just a couple months older. They didn't hang out much, but they sure liked each other when they did!

Here's Brook at Lagoon-A Beach. She LOVES the water, even though it was freezing!

This is one of the new rides at Lagoon called Wicked and let me tell you, it is WICKED!
If you look closely, you can see the following people:
Front Row (L to R): Uncle Harry, Jessica, and people we don't know
Back Row (L to R): Uncle Sam, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa
Brook on her first carosel ride. We tried to get the cute horse, but we weren't fast enough! Brook still enjoyed every minute! Ah, the wonder of childhood!

One of the main reasons we went to Utah was to see our Uncle Harry off to the mission home. Two awesome years in New York, New York South! He was already a district leader at the MTC within one day of getting there! I think that's a new record.... This kid was born for missionary work!

We love you Elder Uncle Harry!!!

For the family reunion with the Douglass' on Saturday, Brook got all gussied up with her first ever pair of pigtails! We thought they were just too adorable!!! So did she :)

Since this post is like four hours long, I will continue the second part of the vacation spent with the Smith side in a second post! Stay tuned!!!!


Millie said...

Hey, you didn't tell us Harab the Arab was going on a mission!!!

Love those pics! We LOVE Lagoon-a-Beach. :)

Waiting impatiently for part II...

rachael { & john} said...

CUTE piggies Brook!