Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Kids Are Away...

The adults will play! Although we missed our sweet girls so much, we had a little bit of fun shopping while they were away :)

and sleeping in.....
and starting forest fires on friends' birthday cakes!
(She was turning 50 and it melted the cake!
We finally went mountain biking! And I didn't even fall with my new clipless pedals/shoes! I just got dirty :)
Found this quote and I think it's amazing, so I had to put it on my blog where I won't ever forget about how much I love my spouse and how important it is to take care of him :)
Love you Honey!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Jack: 3 Months Old

This big boy! He's gotten to be so much fun! However, I couldn't get a single smile out of him at his little photo shoot!
He's a good little sleeper, sleeping all night long!
He loves to go on hikes with us
He loves his cradle and his blankies
He loves Ellie! His head got big enough for this hat and then too big pretty much overnight! He's growing like a weed!
I just love to hold him and play with him

Funny Bubba
He finally started being able to hold on to little toys-
we probably should get him something manly...
And he went for a little swim! He Loves the water!

Three Eleven! Three Three Eleven!!

We bought our tickets for this MONTHS ahead of time! We were SO SO SO excited!!
Driving to the show with immense anticipation!
But we had to stop for some dinner first
Oh the Red Rocks are SO incredible!!!
Ben's friend hooked us up with aftershow passes!!! We were going to meet the band!!! AGGHHHH!!!!
Holy cow the light show was AWESOME!
Best drum solo I've EVER heard!
3-11 3 3 11!!!
Waiting for the aftershow party to start! Eeeeee!!!
And then sadly informed by Red Rocks personnel, the aftershow hasn't been cancelled, it's just not happening..... BOO! We stayed for two whole hours to meet the band! And it didn't happen. Such a bummer. But the concert was amazing and we're so happy we got to go! Maybe we'll just have to meet them next time :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saying Goodbyes

We made so many amazing friends in Colorado, it was so hard to start saying goodbye to them all!
Brook and Clara from Goodson Preschool
Brook & Noah- Goodson Preschool
I love these ladies! They made preschool so much fun and they are wonderful examples to me of how I want to be when I grow up :)
Amy Tuttle & Karen Wynder
Clara & Noah's moms
Jo and I got to go for a girl's night to downtown Denver. We went to dinner, played the pianos on 16th street, did a little shopping, and had a great time talking and walking and being buds. Oh how much I will miss her!
Our good buddies, the Bennetts!
Boston & Brystal
Kacie is one of my favorite people! My only regret is that we both had babies this year and didn't get to spend hardly any time hanging out :(
Sam & Jenna.... SO SO hard to know we won't live by them anymore... they are the hardest to move away from... at least they are in Utah and close enough to visit!
Love you Jenna!
Oh, our beloved Coyote Song Trail.... we love our CO trails!
Nicole & Sarah from Regis! These ladies made school and life so much more fun for all of us!! We will really miss them!

And finally, we had to say goodbye to our sweetie little girls! Sam & Jenna were so wonderful to take them back to Idaho a week early so I could get everything done for the move- Grandparents watched them for us too- we are so blessed to have such wonderful family! Even though I will be able to get so much more done with them gone, I will miss them so!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy 8 Years To Us!

We didn't have a lot of time for our anniversary this year, so we went to lunch with the chitlens to celebrate. I'm definitely up for another 8 years with my main man! :)


This is what I work on...
I love Jack's little rolls!
So much fun to snuggle
We hiked with Jo, Kai, and Kennedi and found THE BEST climbing tree!

Brook beat me at checkers!
Plenty of pool time to soak it up while we can- good times with friends!
Going to Daddy's softball games is always fun!
... except when they get rained out....
Ellie took our messy carpet to a whole new level!
Soccer in our amazing common area
Giant books at the library while Daddy is in class
Waiting for dinner at Lodo's
Jack gave a guest lecture for the new first years :)
He's just so cute :)