Monday, July 29, 2013

Three Eleven! Three Three Eleven!!

We bought our tickets for this MONTHS ahead of time! We were SO SO SO excited!!
Driving to the show with immense anticipation!
But we had to stop for some dinner first
Oh the Red Rocks are SO incredible!!!
Ben's friend hooked us up with aftershow passes!!! We were going to meet the band!!! AGGHHHH!!!!
Holy cow the light show was AWESOME!
Best drum solo I've EVER heard!
3-11 3 3 11!!!
Waiting for the aftershow party to start! Eeeeee!!!
And then sadly informed by Red Rocks personnel, the aftershow hasn't been cancelled, it's just not happening..... BOO! We stayed for two whole hours to meet the band! And it didn't happen. Such a bummer. But the concert was amazing and we're so happy we got to go! Maybe we'll just have to meet them next time :)

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