Saturday, June 30, 2012


Breakfast in Bed Pre-Workout.
Completely Brook's idea- Carried out by Emma, Brook, & Ellie
Free Eyebrow Wax- First Time Ever.
Free Makeover at Sephora
Birthday Nachos.
Cheesecake from my Daddy.
Friday Night:
Downtown Denver Dinner Date
Forgot Ben's nice shoes :\
Jenna watched the girls so we could have some quality time!
We had the restaurant completely to ourselves!
It was super fancy. The food was incredible! We felt a little silly there because we don't really know how to act in an upscale restaurant, but we had a wonderful time visiting and laughing when Ben sprayed grease all over his shirt trying to cut his potato. And I ate the raw tuna appetizer. I really am growing up. :)
This was a little more our style :)
Free scoop from Baskin Robbins
I have wonderful family & friends!

We're On A Boat!!

Love My Girls

Rockies vs Nationals

The screen says "ROCKIES WIN!!!!"
The real reason I go ;)
Our funky tan lines from swimming pretty much all the time.
Emma's looks like a turkey feather!

Colorado Journey Mini Golf

We thought it would be super fun to go mini golfing with Emma, the kids, and the Monteaths. Turns out we were right!!!
The action shot:
Brook got a hole in one just seconds after this was taken!
Way to go Brook!
Ellie has fantastic form ;)
A+ for effort for these little kids!
If you haven't gone in awhile- do it! It is really fun!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Emma Was Here...

Consequently, we did a lot of interesting, fun, random things...

Mulan as a skinny blonde white girl
Texas Roadhouse... the girls crashed...
They were trying to keep up with me and Emma :) It's exhausting for anyone.
She helped me beat my best mile!
We crafted.
And Swam. A lot.
CANASTA BABY! And some idiot on the side.
See? More swimming.
Shopping at Goodwill for 1/2 price Saturday! We had some AH-mazing finds.
Aviator twins!!! Whoop!
Emma I miss you so much!!! Come back again really soon!!!!

Gooseberry Pottery

Before & After of my plate :)