Saturday, June 30, 2012


Breakfast in Bed Pre-Workout.
Completely Brook's idea- Carried out by Emma, Brook, & Ellie
Free Eyebrow Wax- First Time Ever.
Free Makeover at Sephora
Birthday Nachos.
Cheesecake from my Daddy.
Friday Night:
Downtown Denver Dinner Date
Forgot Ben's nice shoes :\
Jenna watched the girls so we could have some quality time!
We had the restaurant completely to ourselves!
It was super fancy. The food was incredible! We felt a little silly there because we don't really know how to act in an upscale restaurant, but we had a wonderful time visiting and laughing when Ben sprayed grease all over his shirt trying to cut his potato. And I ate the raw tuna appetizer. I really am growing up. :)
This was a little more our style :)
Free scoop from Baskin Robbins
I have wonderful family & friends!

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