Monday, February 14, 2011

My Love, My Life

January 2001
Prom 2001
January 2003
(Sideways because I'm too lazy to redo it)
First documented kiss :)!
(Two weeks after the first real one)
March 2003
June 2005
10 years in the making, today is the anniversary of our very first date.
And of course I love him more than ever!
Happy Valentine's Day Ben! Love always, Dena

Hockey Games

Are SO MUCH FUN! Ben took me on a date on Wednesday to watch some other team play the Idaho Steelheads. It was a blast! And we totally won in overtime. GO STEELHEADS! But I really did this post as a formality... you'll see why.

Another Hair Post

I did Brook's hair in hearts for her cousin's valentine party.

These were the pics I took while doing her hair to get her to hold still, so they aren't great quality, but it was pretty fun to do! And she felt so festive :)

Emma's Hair

My sister in law went to a dance the other night and was sweet enough to ask me to do her hair. It was really fun! She's not normally one to get dolled up, and she had me curling and pinning, curling and pinning, for like 2 hours and her mom was putting on fake nails and painting her toenails... she felt attacked. But she looked GORGEOUS! I only have pics of her hair before she got into her dress because I had to leave, but I just had to post them! She looked amazing!

In the midst of curling!!

The curls before we pinnned them up

The finished look from the side
And from the back!
Em- send me a pic of you all dolled up and I'll add it to this post! Love ya :)!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Here It Is! The Moment We've Been Waiting For!

Regis University Update

12:47 PM (1 hour ago)

Dear Benjamin,

Congratulations! I am happy to inform you that you have been accepted into Regis University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program beginning in August 2011. We welcome you to the Jesuit tradition, where since 1877, Regis University’s values-centered education has prepared intelligent, caring men and women who excel in their chosen profession, in their community, and in service to others. We feel confident that your participation will be mutually productive and beneficial.


Regis University
Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions
Associate Director of Admissions