Monday, February 14, 2011

My Love, My Life

January 2001
Prom 2001
January 2003
(Sideways because I'm too lazy to redo it)
First documented kiss :)!
(Two weeks after the first real one)
March 2003
June 2005
10 years in the making, today is the anniversary of our very first date.
And of course I love him more than ever!
Happy Valentine's Day Ben! Love always, Dena


Benjamin said...

Thanks babe I love you so much, happy valentines day. Really to bad this will be the first valentines day I didn't get you roses know the economy the way it is and such...;) but I love you and look forward to the next year and ten years as long as I have you!

Sare said...

awe....thats so sweet. I love you guys!! Happy Anniversary - sorry it's late.