Monday, February 14, 2011

Emma's Hair

My sister in law went to a dance the other night and was sweet enough to ask me to do her hair. It was really fun! She's not normally one to get dolled up, and she had me curling and pinning, curling and pinning, for like 2 hours and her mom was putting on fake nails and painting her toenails... she felt attacked. But she looked GORGEOUS! I only have pics of her hair before she got into her dress because I had to leave, but I just had to post them! She looked amazing!

In the midst of curling!!

The curls before we pinnned them up

The finished look from the side
And from the back!
Em- send me a pic of you all dolled up and I'll add it to this post! Love ya :)!

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Jo said...

OH!!! LOVE it!!! So cute, love it Emma!!! And I want to see more pics too!!!