Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

So.... we've been trying to get our food storage in order since we bought our house in November.... yeah. We're not even close right now. And the swine flu is already here. I'm having a hard time not feeling like a failure and also having a hard time not rushing out and just buying anything I can get my hands on. I feel like I need to get organized, make a plan, then carry it out- maybe just a little bit faster than I would have if the swine flu wasn't striking people dead all over the globe. But the more research and planning I attempt to do, the more I'm like "SCREW IT! We're already dead... it's over, I can't do it..."

Any suggestions how to beat this feeling?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Little Cutie

The Carnage! Oh the carnage!

So, on Wednesday, while watching Brook and my niece Paisli, I was on fire. I started out the morning cleaning the living room. I was so pumped, I even started vacuuming underneath the cushions! I'm telling you, I was in the mood to clean! I polished up the leather, started fluffing the throw pillows, turned towards the back door.... and froze. There, admidst the two girls, was a swarm of bees. I'm talking SWARM. I freaked out! I starting swinging at the bees with the throw pillows to get them back out the sliding door. I thought I had gotten about half or more of them out, so I slammed the door, threw the throw pillows (no pun intended :) and picked up the girls and ran for the safe haven of Brook's room. I shut the girls inside, grabbed my slappiest pair of sandals and ventured into the living room.
Four bees were flying aimlessly, though it seemed rather aggressive to me at the time, around the room. I took a swing or two at the poor bee pictured above and found success in my second swing. Knocked that sucker flat on his back and stomped on him! Well, I turned to kill the other three, but they were doing to swarming thing again, so I screamed and ran back to hide with the babies while I called Ben out of class to come home and kill them. Being the mighty hunter and incredibly sweet man Ben is, he immediately responded. It took about 15 minutes for him to get home. Us girls hid out until he got there, then he asked me where the bees were- I told him to look by the back and front windows. So we're back in Brook's room waiting for a report- 5, 7, 10 minutes... nothing. So I crack the door, stick my head out and yell "How's it going out there?" All I hear is "What the HECK happened? Is there a freaking HIVE in our house?!?!?!" Well, that convinced me to slam the door again and give him five more minutes. I finally got some courage and made my way out into the living room. This was the sight I came upon....

Dena-1 Ben-12 Bees-0

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Wedding!

Heather's wedding was absolutely wonderful! She looked gorgeous and so happy! Paul also looked great and so happy! Overall it was a joyous event! They were married 4/11/09 at 10am in the Columbia River Temple:
Here's the happy couple just out of the temple

Stacy and Becky were her bridesmaids- don't they look beautiful!

Brooky and the girl cousins had matching dresses for the occassion

Heather was kind enough to let me do her hair and makeup- it was so much fun!

The happy couple will live in Richland for the summer and then head back to school this fall to BYU-I, where they met. We're so happy to have Paul in the family! Way to go Heath! Love ya!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here's Brook's first reaction to the news:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Paul & Heather, Sittin in a Tree!

So I totally forgot to tell everyone- my sister Heather is getting married! Like SATURDAY! I'm SO SO Excited! She's marrying a guy she met at BYU-I. He's from Richland, WA, so they are getting married in that temple- it's gorgeous! I think it's called the Columbia River Temple. Anyways, we're so happy for them and hopefully it should be a fun trip! I will post pics when we get back! I made her sash for her wedding dress, so I'll post some pics of that too- it was intense!