Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Swing

We found a swing at a yard sale for $4 this summer and Ben had a chance to hang it a few weeks ago. It's provided hours of entertainment. Paisli came to visit and the two had a great time taking turns pushing each other on the swing. The commentary was hilarious!

Paisli: "Is that higher?"
Brook: "No."
Paisli: "Oh."
And she gives it another try.
Paisli: "Is that higher?"
Brook: "No."
Paisli: "Oh."
Brook: "Okay, your turn!"
Paisli: "Let me stop you"
(that part was hilarious to watch!)

Not much swinging going on...
just a lot of sitting and waiting on Paisli's part
Brook attempts to push her a couple times....
without much success.
Paisli: "Okay, your turn."
Paisli: "Okay, my turn!"

Brook: "Okay, I'm gonna give you an underdog."

Tickling of the toes- the classic swinging game...

It was so cute to watch these two little princesses sharing, playing, and laughing together.
Trying to be just like us.

Something Besides BFL

I don't want my blog to turn into strictly BFL posts one after another. I find that I get on kicks and that's what I post about, so sorry that I've been obsessive! It's just exciting to be making positive physical changes! Anyway! That and Ben stole the seagate with all the pics on it, so that makes it more difficult! But enough excuses! Just for fun, here are some pictures of Ellie. She lost her legs in a freak couch incident.

Stay tuned for my armchair re-upholster! I finally found fabric! I haven't started it yet, but I'm hoping posting about it will inspire me to get started :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BFL Day Twenty-Seven- The 1 Month Weigh-In

So I did the one month weigh-in and body measurements. I feel pretty good about it!
Pounds lost: 7 (not great, but not weight gained)
Inches lost: 10 and 3/8".... yep... TEN INCHES!!! WOOHOOOO!!!
Sure feels good!
Totally worth it!
Yep, so good!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

BFL Day Eighteen- Return from NY Hiatus

Well, we WISELY decided not to enforce our new lifestyle while in NY, which was a good thing, or we would have starved to death! Apparently, fresh veggies and healthy food is EXTREMELY hard to locate in downtown NY. However, I am happy to report that after weighing in Monday morning to check the damage, both Ben and I were up only 1.4 pounds! Hooray! I mean, considering the things we ate.... it was a victory. Onward and upward! So far we haven't even used a free meal this week! Yeah, we feel awesome.

I am anxious (in a good way) to take my measurements on the 28 day mark of our challenge!

Question of the Day

Brook: Is Ellie back in your tummy, or is she in bed?
Mom: She's in bed- once babies come out, they DO NOT go back in!

And thank heavens for that, really!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Everyone Keeps Posting about JCrew...

So I finally decided to check out their site myself and see if there was anything I could "knock off" as they call it.
Well, I found this....
The Luxe Cocktail Bracelet.
Yes, it looks intense. It also looks AMAZING!
I am going to try it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello New York City!!!

So we are in NYC with Ben's family and having a blast! The first night we spent the night at the Marriot Marquis on Times Square, just Ben and I. It was so fun! We went to the Hard Rock for dinner and walked all around Times Square. Here's a picture or two for now- I'll post about the whole trip when we get back to Idaho next weekend!
Downtown in Times Square
View from our suite