Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Swing

We found a swing at a yard sale for $4 this summer and Ben had a chance to hang it a few weeks ago. It's provided hours of entertainment. Paisli came to visit and the two had a great time taking turns pushing each other on the swing. The commentary was hilarious!

Paisli: "Is that higher?"
Brook: "No."
Paisli: "Oh."
And she gives it another try.
Paisli: "Is that higher?"
Brook: "No."
Paisli: "Oh."
Brook: "Okay, your turn!"
Paisli: "Let me stop you"
(that part was hilarious to watch!)

Not much swinging going on...
just a lot of sitting and waiting on Paisli's part
Brook attempts to push her a couple times....
without much success.
Paisli: "Okay, your turn."
Paisli: "Okay, my turn!"

Brook: "Okay, I'm gonna give you an underdog."

Tickling of the toes- the classic swinging game...

It was so cute to watch these two little princesses sharing, playing, and laughing together.
Trying to be just like us.


Jo said...

So cute! I love that Brook is dressed up! I can't believe she's old enough to PLAY dress up! So cute! We need to get our girls together SOON!

rachael said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing, Paisli loves going to Brook's house, I'm so glad you guys live close!

Anonymous said...

Totally cute - just like the chat with Paisli & Sienna biking on Memorial Day - Hysterical!