Friday, July 11, 2008

The Trip-- Phase Two

So here we go with pictures from the Smith family Reunion. This was also the reunion of my dad's side of the family. We headed up to Catherine Creek State Park in Oregon. We don't get to see them often, so it was REALLY fun to get together and camp, sing, laugh, and goof off all weekend! The only bummer was we didn't get to see the fireworks for the fourth. There's always next year!

Here we are on the way to the campground. Brook was very excited for her first camping trip!

Aunt Heather and Aunt Becky spent a lot of time coloring... just like the rest of us! I colored that picture taped in the middle of the table! Love that Monsters Inc.

Here's a couple of super awesome motorcycle chicks!
Papa like you've never seen him before.....
We got a little creative the second day up before the rest of the troops arrived and came up with new gang names for each of us. From L to R: Biznit, Big D, Butch, The Hamster, Stacks, J Dog, and Hott Mama. We even had signs that we flashed at each other!

It was the real deal.

There was a half mile forest hike behind our campground that was pretty cool! Here's Uncle John with cousins Jetta, Xanden, Paisli (on his back), Cami, and Berkli!
The Hammock was the main event- all the cool kids hung out on it!
Here's little Xanden sitting just like his mom... too cute!
He's still manly because he has a lightsaber.
Cousins Berkli and Cami are the best of friends!
Here Brook is warning the other campers to leave her cousin Sienna alone or else! Put an arm in, pull back a bloody stump!

This inflatable pool served as the community play pen! It worked great, though it got old for the babies eventually... they just felt like they were crawling in circles...
Burn on, sweet camp chair.... you worked hard, supporting us in a way not many would... you will be missed.
Brook and Jetta on one of their favorite laps!
All aboard!!! Second cousins Carter, Demeter, and Rozzie with Papa as the caboose. Baby Stan was starting his own train with Laila for a caboose
Here's the whole lot of us!

Can't wait to do it again!


Likes Family said...

What fun family times you all have! I love that Smith Family. And it looks like the Douglass family time was fun too! Great family Dena!

Millie said...

Wow, what a group!!! :) Cute pics of the kids!

John & Dana said...

Dena! I found your blog through a series of random people we happen to know. Your baby girl is adorable!! And Heather is home! I'll have to come back and visit your site more often to keep up with your family! These camping pictures make me miss YW girls camp!! You look so cute! Our baby girl is due in 3 weeks so wish me luck! So good to "see you" again! :)

Dana (Bartschi) Critchfield

rachael { & john} said...

Love the pics! I'm glad you ot Xanden's face in the group pic! Yeah, that stinker! Brook look so cut ein the car seat picture!

Sare said...

OH!!! so much fun!!!! YEAH FOR FAMILIES!!!!