Friday, July 18, 2008


The last few days we have had some crazy rides! On our anniversary, I poured an entire glass of water on our laptop keyboard. As many of you may know, the keyboard is the gateway to EVERYTHING that makes up a laptop. Needless to say, we were not happy. In fact, both of us were very upset and disappointed and guilt-ridden. Okay, just I was guilt-ridden. Anyways, I spent all night and the next morning praying for a miracle because I don't particularly like drinking $500 cups of water! Anyways, the next morning, we turned it on... nothing. I was pretty upset. But I knew that I was responsible and that it wasn't the Lord punishing me, it was just the way things went. Well, we got to Best Buy to see if they could take a look and see if it could be salvaged at all..... while standing in line, Ben decided to give it one more shot. And here is where I start to choke up.... it started! The laptop started right up, ran through start up and was working perfectly! All the programs ran still, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it at all... it was a modern miracle performed just for me! I feel so blessed and I know the Lord answered that prayer for me. It was an amazing experience. Couldn't have asked for a better anniversary present!

So, since we still have a computer, here are a few pics!!!

This is a picture of Ben's Rocket... this is his tracking device for his sales for the summer. He is not still on 13, I just forgot to post this like six weeks ago! It's encrypted with a code that stands for all the reasons why we are hear for the summer to execute Operation: Fiscal Jackhammer!

Here's a picture of our cutey baby. She recently is crawling into anything and everything. The look on her face is because once she got in there, she couldn't get back out! Her newest tricks are pulling herself up on to EVERYTHING and even trying to stand up without holding on to anything! Look ma! No hands!!! She's not too daring yet, but she's getting there!

Also, she's working on teeth numbers three and four! They will be in full view by the middle of next week when the aunts get here! Right now they can only be seen if she tilts her head back and laughs. Couldn't get a picture of that, sorry!

So that's us! Life is good!


Natalie said...

That's such a great story about the laptop. I'm glad you were able to save it. I had a similar experience this year with my jump drive dying (with all my genealogy on it). :)

Brook looks so cute and concerned. Love the table!

rachael said...

Tender Mercies. It's amazing when we give Heavenly Father credit, how well he takes care of us. I'm so happy for you guys! That would have been devastating!