Monday, November 8, 2010

The Cake

So I have a tradition that for my babies first birthdays, I make them an extravagant cake to demolish. Brook's was so... amazing. A mini three-tiered cake. I just about cry when I think that the pictures and video we got of it were lost forever on a crashing hard drive. There may be some hope, but it is slim. Anywho- Ellie's turned out pretty good as well. Not as fun, but still fun.
And most definitely fun to make!

For the butterflies, I followed this tutorial


Jo said...

I LOVE it!!! Turned out So great, looks like Sare had a great tutorial!! Nice job!! Might have to follow that tradition of the fancy cake, so fun!

Sare said...

Seriously... I love that yours were bigger! was it easier to do that way? I love it!!! You're so adorable!!!

Heather Talbot said...

That cake is bigger than my wedding cake was! Good work deens! Thats kind of a fun tradition. I think I'm going to stick with giant cupcakes.