Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma Harward!

We spent the weekend with Ben's family celebrating his mom's mom's birthday! She is such a wonderful lady- we love her!
Dad, Mendy (cousin), and Sam
Aunts Kay & LuJean, Uncle Blaine, Diane (cousin), Grandma, Alice & Daughter (Grandma's brother's daughter & granddaughter)
Jason (cousin), Yours Truly, Ellie Shquinkle, and Shelby (1st cousin once removed)
Grandma and her cousin- aren't they so sweet!?! Grandma is about 5'2" just for reference
Ben (1st cousin once removed) and Ben

1 comment:

Sare said...

what does once removed even mean?

Glad you had fun and got home safely!!!!