Friday, September 16, 2011

Smith Family Reunion 2011- OR Coast... Ed#1

This year we were able to enjoy an entire week at Seaside Resort on the Oregon Coast! It was so wonderful! My parents are amazing for making it all possible. I was the sibling in charge of this reunion, so we had a few activities planned, but mostly just spent time together as individual families and as one big happy family. This will be posted in four parts because I took a lot of pictures and I can't not post most of them :)

The first touch of sand!
 Oh Ellie- poor girl was so excited, she kept running, and then tripping, and then running, and then tripping- always landing in the belly flop position! But she loved it!
 Wonder what they're up to....
 Look at her poor knee! We didn't know it, but she had a scab rip off and it was full of salt water! Yet she smiles on- what a tough kid!
 The first official day there, we headed down to Tillamook Cheese Factory. Because how can you not?!!?
 Ellie, Papa, Grammy, and the newest grandchild (for now), Evalee (Stan and Whit's)
 The quintessential family picture
 Dad and Brook do this pose every time we come here. 
 Enjoying the best part of the trip- Fresh Tillamook Ice Cream! 
Brook had Bubble gum, with REAL gum in it
Ellie had Chocolate chip cookie dough

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