Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ode To My Sister

My big sister is the best!

She rode for 15 hours in the car with me and my really whiney children less than 12 hours after returning from a 10 hour car ride with her family!

She fed them snacks, started their movies, bought them coloring supplies, hugged and kissed them, and did it all for free!

She visited with me the whole drive, even laughing at my lame jokes!

She single-handedly unpacked almost my entire house in the 24 hours she was here before flying back home to get her kids ready for school to start a few days later.

She is the best big sister in the world.

I love her.

You'll never know how much you helped and how much it meant to me!
I miss you!!!

1 comment:

Sare said...

Awe...she is a great big sister!!!!