Saturday, September 24, 2011

Move Forward- Regis DPT 5k for the Argyle Elderly

Ben's department at school puts on a 5k/10k race every year for a home for low income elderly people as a community service. We decided it would be a fun event for the whole family to participate in, so we all got signed up for the 5k.

Map of the race:
(5k was one lap, 10k was two)
(photos/video from Ben's phone- we forgot the camera!)
Brook's Grand Finish:
Brook was so excited because everyone started clapping and cheering for her as she ran across the finish line. "It's because of my fast power Mom."
Ellie & Mom's Grand Finish:
Poor Ben had to hang back with us slow folks during the race or he would have finished it a lot sooner. Next year our goal is to run the 10k and win a prize!
Afterwards, the school had a ton of booths where we got some sweet S.W.A.G. 
 The girls got their faces painted and got to jump in the bouncy house. 
 Brook had a butterfly- Ellie got a flower 
 We also enjoyed a nice BBQ and got t-shirts and water bottles! It was so much fun! 
The girls had a little too much fun I think:

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