Monday, October 11, 2010


I was able to take an impromptu trip to visit Redmond, OR, my home town, this weekend. It was a wonderful trip! I hadn't been back in 5 years and it felt so good to get back to my roots.
The completed tarp pavillion- So it was pouring rain when we got to the land Saturday morning and the pavillion hasn't been roofed yet. So Aunt Deen, Uncle Dave, DeNae, Jana, and I- being the ingenious constructors that we are- fashioned one out of tarp, bungies, rope, some rusty nails, and a whole lotta know-how. I know you're thinking it- We are awesome.
Brook gathering wood for our fire-
Yes, dear family, you do recognize that fire ring! And that is tin roofing beneath it, followed by a piece of plywood and then styrofoam. We managed to burn a hole clear through both, but Papa's cement remains unscathed. Booyah!! :)
Oh, beautiful Redmond- how I've missed you.
The Santuary
Papa, Uncle Dave, & Dad sharing some laughs
Brook was enjoying Aunt Dena to know end!
Hooray!! Wait, what are we celebrating?
Wheelbarrow rides!! Oh how I MISS those!!
Mom & Aunt Dena preparing for the dedication
Gramma & Papa in front of "Moroni"
That firepit was a LOT better! This is just before dinner:
Uncle Dave, Papa, Jana, Ellie, Dad, Pat Schindler, DeNae
Two of my favorite women, Mom & Gramma
I want to be just like you when I grow up!
Thanks gals for letting me tag along! Thanks Papa & Gramma for putting up with me and my girls! We loved every minute!!!


Sare said...

Um...FUN!!!! Jealous. Seriously.

Heather Talbot said...

Wish we could have been there. Next summer for sure.

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have come - I hope next year we can come & help out for at least a week - me & the girls that is. Thanks for posting this for all to see!