Monday, February 2, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Remember that book? It's a classic. Here is the Douglass version for 2009.
Good News: Ben got a new laptop for school
Bad News: The one we had crashed, so we had to buy the new one
Good News: We found out we could get the old one fixed for a 1/4 of the price it should cost!
Bad News: The harddrive will be erased when it returns
Good News: We keep almost all our files on an external harddrive
Bad News: Except for the pictures we've taken for the last 4 months
Good News: We have copies of Brook's birthday pictures at Mom & Dad Douglass
Bad News: Every single picture of our house "Before" is gone.....

I'm so sad! Now no one will be able to tell the difference! They'll only have the "after" shots..... :(

Let this be a lesson to you- take the time to put things where they belong! You might be sorry if you don't!


Jo said...

Oh man, that is so sad! Is there any way to get the "listing" pictures? Because they had a few of the different rooms. That sucks, I'm sorry!!

Millie said...

I'm so sorry. :( Did you already have it fixed? I have a guy in my old ward who was able to get files off our computer when it crashed. That probably doesn't help you though.

My word verification was "berpers" :)

Millie said...
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