Friday, June 12, 2009

A New Name

So Brook is getting really good at naming all her body parts. Nose and Eyes have to be the favorites, but she really knows her way around! So I'm sick today (boo) and I was lying in bed and Brook was naming all of "Baby's" and "Mommy's" body parts and she got through the face and did arms and knees and then she points to her little hands and says "dirties, baby's dirties" and points at my hands and says "mommy's dirties"....... I guess maybe we tell her that her hands are dirty a little too much!!! :)

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Sare said...

Oh that is ADORABLE!!!! heheheheheheh are you just getting SO excited for the new baby?? I SO AM!!!! I can't wait to meet him!!! oh...I guess I think it's a him...eeshk!!