Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Painting Shoes

UPDATE: Sadness.... Brook's shoes have cracked a little, but they still look pretty good. I wore my cream lace shoes on my b-day.... they are dominated. Paint peeling everywhere. AFTER I spent 2 hours hand sewing the beads on, I'm desperate to find a way to make them work still!

So unfortunately, I never took before pictures. So just imagine plain white shoes (Walmart clearance last year for 3 bucks)....
transformed into this!!!
Brook did these all by herself- no help from mommy whatsoever... okay, i did tell her not to mix the paints on the tray, but that she could dip into a new color without washing her brush off, but that's it! I swear! I think they are SO fun!
She's got skills, this kid!
Here's an action shot!
She has worn these probably 4 times and the paint is still staying on pretty good. It cracked right around the shoe tongue just a little bit. I seal coated them with Mod Podge, so we'll see how long they last! Either way, we both had a blast painting our shoes together, so that's what really matters :)
Here's how my acrylic painted shoes turned out:
These are Walmart brand slipper flats. They were originally gray and VERY distressed... I got them for free at an Other Mother's quarter sale... they were hammered. But a few coats of fresh ivory paint, some lace and glittery beads and Voila!
Don't look too close at the beads, you can see them already popping off :(
That's what I get for using hot glue.... I really do like them though, so I'm going to go ahead and stitch the beads on. Which will be fun to do through the hot glue. That's usually how laziness pays off. You do something the lazy way, then you do it the right way, which is now incredibly more difficult since you have to work through the lazy way's mess....
Here are my spray painted shoes:
I got the spray paint for free at the dump from their hazardous waste "shopping center" SuhWEET! I love how bright they are. However, the bloggers who say that spray painting shoes works, lied. Plain and simple, they lied.
The toes still look okay, but the sides... not so much. Oh well, I'll just have to wear them with pants! I think I'll continue to wear them until they just look too awful.
These are target brand- they were brown originally. I got them at the DI for 4 bucks 3 years ago. I got my money's worth and they were headed back to the DI when I decided to give the spray paint a whirl cuz I had heard it worked. So no big loss :)


Jo said...

You're right, the color is awesome, but way bummer about the cracking :( And Brook's shoes are ADORABLE!!!! LOVE them!!! Can't wait till we can all craft together!

Sare said...

Way fun!!! I totally dig the lace ones!!!

Anonymous said...

You do so much fun stuff! I want to be you!