Friday, July 1, 2011

Completely Self-Gratuitous Post

The other day, my little sister Stacy was over, and we decided to make jewelry while watching episodes of Monk. I sorta got on a roll and basically did nothing else all day. It was fun! Here are some of my creations from the day:
Purple Glitter Earrings.... I may be obsessed. Look for these to come in EVERY glitter color ever made.
Would you guess they were made from ugly buttons?
My new favorite necklace:

I'm calling it "Charmed"
My take on the Vintage Button Necklaces out there:
Okay, so my buttons aren't vintage. The purple ones are, the ivory ones are shell buttons I got at Joann's a coon's age ago! It's been so long, they're probably vintage now :)
Let's call this one "Shell We Dance?" Okay I'm a dork
This one I refashioned using a necklace/clip on earring set that belonged to my great grandmother on my mom's side, Vione Hyatt Cottrell Stolar

I LOVE the metal roses!
I {heart} big hearts!
This one looks weird when it's not on...
Maybe it looks weird on too, but I think it's the shirt! Sorry I'm WAY to lazy to change outfits to match my jewelry just to take pictures of it!
And this is the bust for the evening.. it seemed like it should be cute when I started, and then it went horribly, HORRIBLY wrong... the more I did, the worse it got... so yeah. Not every creation is a success, but don't give up!
I call this one "Our Love is Timeless"
It's dedicated to Ben :)

"The Attention Grabber"
Hence the exclamation point.
This ring was made using an old clip on earring from my grandma, Trudy Keithler Smith. I believe it belonged to her mother, Adina Clark Keithler. The match to it is missing :(
Well, I hope you enjoyed my post :) I am obsessed with making jewelry. If you haven't tried it, maybe don't start, because it is seriously addicting!

I just bought a kagillion beads from Craft Warehouse on MAJOR sale, so look for more jewelry posts in the near future! Unless you all beg me not to post them :)

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Jo said...

Please....I am begging you....Do NOT....NOT show another piece :) I'm a huge fan of your awesomeness and would like to see it continue. That is all.

Sare said...

dude - I am digging that charmed necklace, and the love in timeless one!! LOVE IT!!

Sare said...

dude - I am digging that charmed necklace, and the love in timeless one!! LOVE IT!!

Waites - Est. 1999 said...
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Waites - Est. 1999 said...

Dena - I totally love the charm one you made for you & Ben! I want one! Can we make one before you leave?