Friday, January 18, 2013

January Daze

We haven't been up to much yet this month. Lots of hanging out and gearing up for the new year of school, babies, and everyday life! Here's a few shots of the things we've been enjoying.
The grocery store (Ellie likes to dress herself)
New clothes from cousin Pais
Drive through Car Washes- you would think we were at an amusement park!
Craft Projects
Geocaching at local parks
Big Belly Mom (24 weeks)
Learning we are all Princes & Princesses
Having the flu... for like 2 weeks. Poor sickies!
Being with Dad :)
He's sad here because all his teams didn't make it to the Super Bowl


Heather Talbot said...

Dude, you don't look like you've gained that much weight, must be mostly baby. Looks like our January except with boys and cowboy cookies!

Becky said...

sorry you guys were sick :(