Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Labor Story

I awoke Monday morning about 7:45 after a very restful sleep- feeling pretty blue about the fact that I was one day past my due date and was still not having any signs of baby coming. I was planning to call my midwives at 9 to see about moving my appointment up so we could hopefully induce labor during the week or even as soon as Tuesday. Ben left for his final, the first of 4. I decided to shower and felt a few contractions- nothing big. I decided to text Ben before his final started at 9 to just give him a heads up just in case, though I really didn't believe it was going to happen. Mom and Dad headed out for a walk and I decided to make German pancakes. All through making the pancakes I was having 1 min contractions about 10 min apart. I texted mom and said to not delay just in case but I still didn't think I was in labor. I finished making breakfast and we ate. 

By that time, I had been consistently having contractions for just over an hour 10 min apart. I called my midwives and they suggested I come in to get checked since my labors are short and I was gbs positive. Ben called about 5 min later and said he was finished with his final and would meet us at the doctor. Dad, Mom and the girls and I piled into the 4runner. I had just had three contractions within 8 min and so we were a little worried about getting there on time. However The Lord blessed me again and I only had one mild contraction in the 25 min drive to the hospital. Dad had never been there so we missed our exit and had to make some hasty maneuvers but we made it! Ben was there waiting and we walked up to the doctor. She was already at the hospital delivering other babies so we took the connecting hallway and walked leisurely up to labor and delivery, me having contractions about every 3-5 min. 

Once admitted, they started the antibiotics for the gbs at 11:45. My contractions had slowed way down again since getting to my room. My midwife checked me and I was at a 5 but I still wasn't convinced I was in labor. I sat on a birthing ball for a few minutes and then about 12 my contractions really started. I of course could not do them sitting down. Ben stood in front of me and we swayed through the contractions while he did the double hip squeeze and Mom rubbed my back. My contractions came in waves of three, no breaks in between them so it was like having a 4-5 min contraction. But then I would get a 5 or so min break between the sets of three that allowed me to sit and rest and prepare for the next set. We did that for about an hour. 

Around 1, I started feeling the urge to push and things got really intense for me. I didn't feel like I could make it through the contractions. Luckily I had Ben and Mom to keep me as calm as they could until the contraction passed and the contractions stopped coming in threes. My midwife was fully prepared to let me deliver standing up but I couldn't do it so I laid down and the pushing started about 1:10. I pushed once and he crowned but went back in. On the second push, I got him out to his waist. This is where a miracle happened. He was still in the sack! My bag of water had not broken and he came out up to his waist before the top split and the midwife then pulled him out on my next push. He was not exposed to the GBS at all!! It was so amazing! The midwife said that rarely happens and when it does it's usually on premie births. The Lord was protecting my baby! 

Once he was out, they laid him directly on my chest and I got to just hold him for about 15 min until I was in too much pain from the after contractions. Ben took him and held him for about 30-45 min before they came in to clean him up. It was such a special time. Ben says I kept repeating "I'm so glad you're here" the whole time I was holding him. All in all, it was an incredible and painful experience- one I would not change or trade. Jack is such a sweet peaceful baby and our family is so happy to have him!!! He is the perfect addition! My recovery has been so much faster than it was with the girls. The Lord has truly blessed us! Ben didn't miss a single final and was able to be at the hospital with me for most of the time. He also had gotten his bigger exams out of the way before Jack came, allowing him to be able to focus on us and enjoy the experience without feeling too stressed about school. That was such a blessing.


Jen Waite said...

We are so excited for you! Sienna has said a few times - "I want to see Brook's baby brother!" So weird to hear that :) Sometime still wish we could have a baby brother but it's not in the cards for us in this life.

Anyway - each birth is such a miracle & I am so glad that it all worked out so well! As always it's after that we learn that the Lord really does know what He's doing even when we wonder! LOVE YOU ALL - can't wait for June!

Margaret Capson said...

Good job momma! I tested positive for gbs too but my delivery was only an hour and half so there was no time for antibiotics. He was absolutely fine though. Good job going natural. It's an amazing experience! He is so cute too.