Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy 80th Papa Perry!!

Papa Perry turned 80 this year and we knew we had to make it big! So we all packed up and headed over to camp at the land in Redmond to be with him on his birthday! It was so much fun to be there with most of the family! The cousins just LOVED playing in the dirt!
Jack spent a lot of time in the pool
I got to finally love on little Chloe babes
Jack met Uncle Dave and they were fast friends!
We went to Cline Falls to do a little swimming and catch some crawdads!
Ellie learned the fine art of peeing in the river....
Evy learned the fine art of wearing a large diaper!
We had so much fun at the campfire, singing and watching skits and listening to stories and giving presents to Papa. It was wonderful!
Ellie got ready to meet some vampires...

We snuggled up close to stay warm!
Brook, Luke, Sienna, & Paisli started a band
Happy Birthday Papa Perry!!! We sure love you!
On the drive home, we stopped for some leg stretching in Burns, OR
Our daddy is so much fun ;)

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