Friday, October 10, 2008

No We're not Dead

Contrary to popular belief. We're just in "No House of our Own Land" and it's kind of a soul sucker. We're getting close though! We hope to close by 10/27! And then I can have my stuff again! Brook's pants are all getting too short because her next size up box is in the storage unit! Poor kid, she looks homeless... oh wait! She is!!! No, I shouldn't say that, we have a lovely home at Ben's parents house, there's just not room for our storage unit full of belongings here. Patience is a virtue! I keep telling myself that... wonder if I'll ever think it's true?


Merkley Jiating said...

Ben, that scared me! That was a run-on sentence though. :-) Life is great! Sam gets to come home in two weeks!

Likes' Family said...

I hope things work out, soon... I can't wait to come to your new home! Check out my blog, I tagged you!