Sunday, October 19, 2008

Garage Sales are my Friend

So we went to a few garage sales yesterday. We got Brook a front facing car seat for Grandma's car for $5! Sweet score! I like getting used stuff for way cheaper than new stuff. But I'm weird like that. We also go a few items of clothing that are pretty fun and a refrigerator for our new house! It's a really nice black Whirlpool. 4 years old, side by side, we really like it! We got a pretty sweet deal. So yeah, all in all, a successful shopping day. Check out what Strong Bad has to say about garage sales.


rachael said...

That brought back some good memories. I haven't watched Strong Bad in FOREVER!!! I definitely want a panty hose doll next time you go out. We need an Aunt Gert! You're so lucky, you always get the best deals! BTW~ Thanks for the picture thing!

QMCapson said...

I love garage sales too. They were my life saver when we had the twins. Saved us tons of money and we got lots of good stuff. Gotta love a good deal.

Millie said...


We bought Brennan's stuff at garage sales and kept a lot of it for a long time. Good stuff. I wish I had more time for it and the good weather lasted a bit longer around here. :)


Nancy said...

Hey friend! I just stumbled accross your blog, then got lost in all your past posts, and now I'm leaving a comment. I love being able to see what you guys are up to, but didn't want to be a stalker so hi! Hope all is well.