Monday, May 25, 2009

Ah.... the Beach

We had a great time last week at the Oregon Coast. Ben just finished up his semester at school taking 18 credits both this semester and last, so we decided it was time for a vacation! We took our good friends, Taylor & Tara, with us. We stayed at Seaside, Oregon right on the beach in a fancy timeshare (thanks Dad!) and it was WONDERFUL! I've picked a few pictures that highlight the trip!
Here's Brook while we went out 4-bying to find some geocaches. Daddy found a pretty flower for her hair.
Monday we went to Tillamook Cheese Factory- can't go to the coast without getting fresh cheese curds and ice cream! Here's the newest family portrait!
We went to Astoria, Oregon to drive across the huge bridge and found a zero gravity spot! Or just a really steep hill for some fun pics. Seriously, we thought the Exped might tip over backwards while driving up this thing! It was crazy steep!
Brook got to touch her first sea anenomie (can't spell that!) at the Tide Pool in Cannon Beach by Haystack Rock. She loved it!
You can't go to the coast without running in the waves at least once! Even though it was FREEZING outside and in!
My dear friend Becca Allen and her two babies got to come stay a night with us and we LOVED getting to see them! Brook got to meet them for the first time. I'm sorry I was sick Becca so we couldn't do much, but I loved catching up with you! Miss you!
(Here is Brook and Juliana at the beach)
Brook found a sea shell and thought it was SO cool, so Dad got a picture. Then she threw it on the ground. Go figure.
We went to all the cute little shops at Cannon Beach and had to get a caramel apple while picking up salt water taffy at a candy shop. Brook thought it was the best thing she'd ever tasted! (She calls them "Appie's")

We Love the Coast!


Randi said...

Looks like so much fun. We'll probably be going to the coast soon, but it will be the other side of the country. We are going to visit Aaron's mission in Florida.

Brooke looks so cute! I love the very first picture of her and the one with the candy apple. She's so adorable. I miss you guys.

Millie said...

Holy poop! We were in Tillamook on Monday! Like, Memorial Day?

Jo said...

I love it!!! So fun! I can't believe how big Brook is getting...makes me sad I'm missing it! Soon to be rectified!! Yay for the new family picture too!! I love kids in animal picture things. So funny!

Sare said...

It looks like you guys have such a great time!! YEAH!! I'm so glad!! I know you guys needed a little family time!! and by the way - you look fabulous!!! I can't wait to see you!!!!! Love you guys!!