Monday, May 4, 2009

Cousins and Dolls

Cousin Paisli came over to play while her family went to the movies, and Brook had fun sharing her baby dolls with her. These are the dolls I made for her last summer- they were so fun! I definitely recommend them- they are her favorites!
These two were so cute together- they kept watching what the other one would do and then try to imitate it!
Brook was giving her baby a "rub down." She loves to rub people's backs and she's not too shabby at it either!
They set their "babies" up on the fireplace to sit by them-just before this, they had been dancing around the room with them. I have some video, but it takes forever to upload, so we'll see- I might post it! It was too cute!
Cousins are such fun! When are Luke and Sienna going to come play?


Whitney said...

How does tomorrow sound? I'd LOVE to drop him off ;)

Seriously though, it's a "total shame complete" that our two don't play together EVER! :'( They're cousin's for cryin' out loud!!!

Call me, let's set up a play date for us, and for Chaboopie and Lukey.

Sare said...

Oh my CUTE girls!! did i read the right? you MADE those dolls...i'm going to be a total suck mom compared to you...