Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Post

Just as I started this post, I realized I never even posted about Brook's first birthday! That's over a year ago! And I still don't actually have the pictures from her party in my possession, which is probably why I never posted them! I need to get on that! Anyways, here's a few snapshots of the little cupcake party we had to celebrate our girl! Everyone took a cupcake with a blank canvas and had options to decorate it to fit them! It was pretty fun!

A few party guests and my birthday banner- I made it of scrapbook paper and laminated it! So much faster than sewing one and it lasts just as long- I love it!

The "spread" - I made cupcake pops and forgot to get a better picture than this... yep. They sort of look like a bunch of eyeball things at this angle, but they turned out pretty cute and they are delicious!
The birthday girl munchin on a cupcake

A little decorating of my own. There's an old belly shot for any of you curious to see how huge I am. Multiply that by 12....
Grandma and Aunt Emma with their cupcakes

Neenaw and Grandma Harward enjoying their cupcakes

All in all, everyone had fun and Brook felt special!
And I got to finally throw a party!


Sare said...


Love the banner, and The cupcake idea is so cute!!!! Oh and you look AMAZING!! Stop saying bad things about my best friend!!!!

Jo said...

So, fun, I love it!!! How nice to have a place big enough to have a party!!! I can't wait for that one of these days!! Happy b-day Brook!