Monday, October 26, 2009

An Update

First, here's a fat pic of me- this was a week ago. Probably not going to take any more from here on out! I don't want to remember!
Now for the fun stuff- I made a diaper bag this weekend!! I think it turned out so cute! I looked on probably 4 different blogs and took elements from a bunch of DIY bag patterns that I liked and combined them into one super diaper bag! I love it!
Complete with pockets and a zipper closure! Tell me what you think!
The best part? I used a cushion cover I got at IKEA for 50 cents (which included the zipper already sewn in!), an old bedskirt for the liner, and a leftover piece of fabric from my mother in law! Total cost of this project: 50 cents


Jo said...

It turned out so great!!! I love it!!! And you are not huge at all, you are so cute! But I feel you anyway, I feel that way too, and I still have a few months to go! I seriously love the bag! So cute!!!! I am so impressed!

Merkley Jiating said...

So... will you make me a diaper bag? I will pay you!

Likes' Family said...

Wow!! You are good! How long did it take you? I need to get the links to these crafty blogs you visit!

Don't forget to check my cooking blog-

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

UM.... LOVE IT!!!!! Really, I want to make one! Tell me all the sites you used!

Sare said...

wow. Have you checked out Kristie's sewing blog? AMAZING!! go look!! she does the...never mind. I just thought of the PERFECT baby gift for you!!!!