Monday, May 25, 2009

Ah.... the Beach

We had a great time last week at the Oregon Coast. Ben just finished up his semester at school taking 18 credits both this semester and last, so we decided it was time for a vacation! We took our good friends, Taylor & Tara, with us. We stayed at Seaside, Oregon right on the beach in a fancy timeshare (thanks Dad!) and it was WONDERFUL! I've picked a few pictures that highlight the trip!
Here's Brook while we went out 4-bying to find some geocaches. Daddy found a pretty flower for her hair.
Monday we went to Tillamook Cheese Factory- can't go to the coast without getting fresh cheese curds and ice cream! Here's the newest family portrait!
We went to Astoria, Oregon to drive across the huge bridge and found a zero gravity spot! Or just a really steep hill for some fun pics. Seriously, we thought the Exped might tip over backwards while driving up this thing! It was crazy steep!
Brook got to touch her first sea anenomie (can't spell that!) at the Tide Pool in Cannon Beach by Haystack Rock. She loved it!
You can't go to the coast without running in the waves at least once! Even though it was FREEZING outside and in!
My dear friend Becca Allen and her two babies got to come stay a night with us and we LOVED getting to see them! Brook got to meet them for the first time. I'm sorry I was sick Becca so we couldn't do much, but I loved catching up with you! Miss you!
(Here is Brook and Juliana at the beach)
Brook found a sea shell and thought it was SO cool, so Dad got a picture. Then she threw it on the ground. Go figure.
We went to all the cute little shops at Cannon Beach and had to get a caramel apple while picking up salt water taffy at a candy shop. Brook thought it was the best thing she'd ever tasted! (She calls them "Appie's")

We Love the Coast!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My New Favorite Things

Hello all. I have recently had a bout of pregnancy induced laziness and have spent some time relaxing in front of my trusty computer looking at all kinds of blogs and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you in case you were looking for fun things to do!!!

This lady has such neat ideas for playing and crafting with your kids-

This lady can bake I tell you!

This lady is so sweet to offer out some free patterns that are ADORABLE

And this is my new favorite hobby that I will do on a consistent basis when I am rich (as it is slightly expensive).... DESIGNING YOUR OWN FABRIC! How great is this!?!?!?

I have already done three designs that I'm just waiting for our next paydays to order! Just think of it, you can do personal designs, put your kids' nicknames, choose ANY color you want! I love it!

One last one, this lady does an end-of-the-month Mod Podge Mania, and it's pretty fun to see all the projects people come up with for Mod Podge!

Hope you all have as much fun on these sites as I have!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cutest Dress Pattern EVER!

UPDATE: The pattern for this dress is Simplicity 5695- it's so fun and goes together fast!
I have been obsessed with this pattern since I got it! I think ruffles on little girls are so cute! You can't really tell because of the prints in this picture, but each seam is gathered and all ruffly! Such a simple pattern too! Anybody let me know if you want the pattern name and number and I'll post it! I just had to share the cute ones I've done so far! Love it!

Cousins and Dolls

Cousin Paisli came over to play while her family went to the movies, and Brook had fun sharing her baby dolls with her. These are the dolls I made for her last summer- they were so fun! I definitely recommend them- they are her favorites!
These two were so cute together- they kept watching what the other one would do and then try to imitate it!
Brook was giving her baby a "rub down." She loves to rub people's backs and she's not too shabby at it either!
They set their "babies" up on the fireplace to sit by them-just before this, they had been dancing around the room with them. I have some video, but it takes forever to upload, so we'll see- I might post it! It was too cute!
Cousins are such fun! When are Luke and Sienna going to come play?