Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is my new favorite word- it's actually what I've been up to for the larger part of the last few months! Here's a few of my favorite projects (no before pictures unfortunately!):
Made this hat out of two old cami's that I stole out of my sister in laws DI bag :)
(thanks Rach!)
Love how matchy she is in this photo (not!) I found the skirt tutorial and socks tutorial here.
This was a teen's t-shirt I found at Munchkin's 25 cent sale! I added a band around the waist and navy flowers for some color.
I got the idea for these Sweater Dresses right here! The only thing I did different was cut the tops of the arms at an angle instead of straight across- gives a nicer feel I think. This first sweater also came from the quarter sale!
Got this sweater at Savers for 99 cents!
Now go make some of these with your old stuff!


Jo said...

I love it!! It's all so cute!! Now that we know I am having a girl, and I won't be pregnant for much longer, we really need another 2 week vacation together so I can learn from the master!!! It's so cute, Deen, I especially love the hat!!

Sare said...

UMMMM...Holy crap! I'm so in awe!! That hat is...well I kind of want one. The dresses...WOW!! I LOVE that one with the hoodie. SO CUTE!!! and BONUS!! it looks like she likes the kitchen!!! LOL

Sarah Woolley said...

Those are the cutest outfits and the greatest ideas!! I am so motivated to go make things for my girls now! You and your family are so stinking cute! Hope all is well.