Sunday, February 28, 2010

31 Days of March

Okay- here we go.

So I have written three lists the past few days. The first one ended up being almost purely house projects I wanted to finish. As I looked over the list, I got really disillusioned and thought "wait a second, I was hoping to get some fun things done this month and this all looks like a bunch of chores I keep putting off." So then I made another list that was all fun. And then I felt guilty and decided that maybe I should merge the two. Then Brook took the list and colored on it and hid it somewhere that only she knows, so I'm going to wing it!

Here's my March:
1st-- Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies
2nd--Mod Podge Shoes
3rd--Cross-stitching a Sweatshirt *repeats each Wednesday*
4th--Paint 6-panel doors
5th--Tutu T-shirt & Onesie
6th--Caulk moulding in Hallway
7th--Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake
8th--Fix Living Room Curtain
9th--Crocheted Bow Headbands
11th--Cardigan Makeover
12th--Paint Laundry Closet
13th--Caulk Laundry Closet Trim
14th--Hot Corn Dip
15th--Organize Pantry
16th--Set up Food Storage Tracking Plan
18th--Redo Kitchen Board Saying
19th--Make Ornament Wreath
20th--Caulk Living Room Beadboard
21st--Chocolate Cups
22nd--Painted Jeweled Tops
23rd--Recover blue suitcase
25th--Make Playroom "Art Gallery"
26th--Pearl Necklace inspired by Cookie Lee
27th--Plaster Roses
28th--Chocolate Sea Salt Truffles
29th--Make Playroom ABC Art
30th--Nursing Cover

I've included links to all the projects I've found from various blogs that I'll be working on this month. Some of them I'll be following closely- others are just inspiration! Hey, if you get inspired by any of these, gather the supplies and do it with me!

P.S. I'm on the hunt for a good kitchen saying- anybody got some help for me there?


Merkley Jiating said...

"This is a self-cleaning kitchen. Clean up after yourself."

Millie said...

Gran used to wear an apron when he cooked that said, "Eat, drink and be quiet." Remember that? ;)

This is a really fun list and a good idea to merge the good with the "must dos". I approve!! :D

Likes' Family said...

You are AMAZING! An inspiration over all. But... I'm not planning on doing a project everyday... But I have made a "to do" list of rooms to clean everyday. I want to see pictures of these projects too! Thanks!

Likes' Family said...

Oh! And... I just put "Eat Well, Gather Often, Love Much" In my kitchen. I hope to have it posted on my blog soon. We'll see. Blogging needs to be on my "to do" list as well.

Sare said...

I'm making those same cookies you're making today probably tomorrow!! No way!!! Wish we were making them together!!!

AND I LOVED the chocolate IT!!!

We're doing our kitcehn in red and white with Coke Accessories...shocking I know. So I am trying to find someone who has a coke font and I'm going to do a big "enjoy" in coke font. Cant wait!! OH! how about....mmmmm Cheese..... That sounds about right for you...;)

Randi said...

My goodness! You are an inspiration to us all!!