Monday, March 1, 2010

Day One- Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies

Success! So far, so good!

And by so good, I mean Soooooo Good!

These cookies are amazing! I cannot stop eating them! Definitely give them a try!


Jo said...

I saw these a couple weeks ago and was wondering about them...I thought they might be too sweet? But if you love them I will try them!! So I will get my list up today, I have been super busy. I think we should do a couple things the chocolate vessels!! I'll put up my list soon

Sare said...

I so can't wait!!! I'm nervous though - I have to use vanilla frosting...should be okay through right?? I would so rather cream cheese? who doesn't like cream cheeses?!?!! yeah the friend I'm making them for. uhhu.

Sare said...

OH! And I need you to put all your craft foodie awesome blogs on your side bar. I need to peruse them. Love you!!

Tara said...

You know cinnamon rolls are one my favorite foods right?


Randi said...

Oh dear. Mouthwatering. I'm definitely trying those this week!