Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day Six- Hallway Moulding

Sad really that we put this moulding up over a year ago and I'm just now getting to caulking it. And I realized after doing this, it would look even better if I shlapped on a fresh coat of paint (REALLY don't want to!) to cover up the nail holes. Caulk only goes so far.... even still, it is amazing the difference it made!
Here are the befores:
I'm loving how nice our hallway looks now!
It's amazing what 25 cents worth of caulk will do!
So be honest... do you think they need to be painted?
(You might even notice a sneak peak of our doors... hurray! They're up! Post on that coming right up!)


Jo said...

From the pictures I would say it doesn't look like it needs to be painted...but in person it might be different. It took me selling our house before I ever painted the molding, and then I loved it so much I was so sad that I hadn't done it earlier and enjoyed it more! But it is SUCH a pain to do, I'm sure it'll take me that long again when I get into a house!

Sare said...

That does look SO GOOD!!