Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Nine- Laundry Room Trim

Well, I call it a room. It's more of a closet in my hallway. Fancy pants I know. Anyway, the first door here was one of those nasty brown accordian doors. It. Was. Horrible. I so wish I had a picture of it for comparison purposes. But we hated some of the stuff in this house so bad that they were immediately eradicated the moment we signed the papers! The accordian door to the laundry "room" was one of the first to go. Anywho- we installed the 6-panel bifold doors. Sounds so easy, doesn't it. It. Was. Also. Horrible. One of the worst days of our remodeling lives! I swear I thought Ben's aorta would burst and he would start knocking down all the walls in the house! We did it though! And then they sat there... unfinished... for a year. And now I have finally finished them!!! WOOHOOO!!! Pat me on the back, y'all!
(this is the hardest one to notice the difference in)
Now you see the nice little chip.....
Now you don't!
You can still sort of see the purple drying in this one, if you look really hard :)
9 down, 22 to go!


Jo said...

SUH-WEET!!! Love it! I'm working on the last part of Day 9's project..I hope to get it posted tonight! I am loving seeing all of your projects!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely amazing. I can't believe all this stuff. Congrats on your oven. You are my idol - I want to be you in my next life! (ha, ha) I could go on & on.... but that would be humiliating for me so - I'll just say I love ya & you're inspiring!


Sare said...

I'm catching up!! sorry!!! I like the new curtains..valance...whatever. But I think you're right - the middle is a little higher...it might just be a ripple though...

and LOVE that window!!!!! oh my sake!!! it's so pretty!!!! How cute is Ben?!!