Monday, March 8, 2010


Okay, so... it's 7pm and I have yet to start on my living room curtains. I did take them down and decide how I'm going to change them, but I just can't seem to get motivated. In my defense, here are a few of the things keeping me distracted....

Followed the directions of the gal at All Thingz Related and went to dollar tree to buy the bird, a plaque (mine says "With God all things are possible") and plastic baseballs! Can't wait to make them pretty like she did!

Then I saw this pretty little thing on craigslist with another pretty little thing for FREE- both that I've been wanting forever! Then I noticed they were in Mountain Home (45 minutes from Boise), so I got real sad... until Ben said "Get the girls in the car and let's road trip!" So we did! Isn't he wonderful! These two beauties are now mine! Can't wait to get to work on them!

On the way home, we thought we'd just stop off and pick up a new oven. Yes, you might remember that I already got a new oven off craigslist a couple months ago, right? Well... the front burner went out! Just like on the oven before that! So we found this one for a good price and will hopefully be able to get rid of the last one!

Anyway, maybe now I'll be able to get focused and finish my curtains!

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