Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 23- Baby Shower Games- UPDATED

The classic "Complete the Nursery Rhyme"
I tried to pick some rhymes that everyone might not know
This is a new favorite that I played at my good friend, Tara's baby shower. It's a phrase matching game- You match a baby-type phrase to a candy
See example below
I used all these candies in the game. Whoever gets the match, gets the candy! It's a lot of fun and the phrases are pretty cute/funny themselves! If anyone is curious what other phrases I used to match to the candy, just leave me a post and I'll make a list.
I had a request for the list, so here goes:
Butterfingers: What you don't want your dr to have
Snickers: Baby's first laugh
Hugs N Kisses: Baby needs lots of these
Baby Ruth: Girl's Name
Mike N Ike: Boys Names
Goobers: Messy Little Babies
Rocky Road: Long Sleepless Nights
Mounds: What you find in a diaper
Milky Way: Baby's First Diet
Tootsie Rolls: Chubby Little Legs
Take 5: Rests between contractions
100 Grand: Babies are worth more than this
There are others you can do that I didn't use (since I'm doing this for a church shower, I didn't want it to be crude), or you can make a different variation of the ones I did use, such as follows:
Milk Duds: Breasts after nursing
100 Grand: What a baby costs
Skor: How baby got here
Lifesavers: Epidurals (I go natural, so I didn't like this one- maybe you could do Doulas!)
And there are a million more you could do!


just me said...

you don't know me ... i'm kind of a blog stalker (sarah hrebicek is married to my cousin) and i want to see the list - i LOVE that game!! so so cute!

just me said...

oh my sake, dena - i LOVE the list!! seriously am adoring it - thank you so much for posting it!! you are amazing!