Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have enjoyed this month so much that I'm pretty sure I want to keep it going from here on out. Probably not as full as March, because let's face it- my house would probably spontaneously combust due to accumulation of filth.

However, I sort of feel like a failure. I completely missed FOUR days this week... and I feel like I cheated on a couple more. What I'm trying to decide now is this: do I try to get the missed projects done by the end of the month by doubling up four days or do I just let them go?

How 'bout a vote... what do You think?


rachael said...

Um, do you want to come over and talk food storage? I need to get in the grove too. So I would love to do that with you...And you pretty much have to do the wreath but not necessarily this month.. I say be proud you've been able to keep it up!

p.s. my word verification is undes. missing an i, but still funny!

Jo said...

I say let it go. You can always put it in for next month. Let's face it, some things just aren't the right time to get things done. I'm going to be switching around the rest of my month too. I wouldn't feel like a failure, I think you've done amazing!! I'm going to do April too, but reduce it to probably 2 projects a week. I didn't time manage very well for this one, and some projects just take longer than others. My vote, have fun the rest of the month, don't worry about what you don't get too, and plan a fun April!

Sare said...

I say double up!!! Youre doing so well!!! You can totally do it!!!!!!! Keep going!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sis -

Let it go man! Count yourself amazing for what you have accomplished! Like we were talking about earlier - I'll do it if you will☺